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Passenger Van

Passenger Van is the premium vehicle for group and event transportation. It is also an ideal vehicle for C-level executives traveling in small groups.

New York Limousine Passenger Vans can accommodate up to 14 passengers.

Passenger Capacity: 1-14 Passengers
Luggage Capacity: 1-14 Large Suitcases
In Car Amenities: Bottled Water and Newspapers

Typical Use of Van:

  • Group Financial Roadshows
  • Small Group Airport Transportation
  • Group Private Jet Transportation
  • Event Transportation
  • Group Corporate Transportation

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sports utility vehicle

SUV – Sports Utility Vehicle

Recently the SUV also known as Sports Utility Vehicle has made its way into the chauffeured ground transportation industry. Many travelers who choose to travel in small groups or small families of 6 loves the SUV because its spacious and has plenty of room for luggage.

New York Limousine SUV – offers 3 rows and 6 to 7 seats in total with additional luggage room in the back for a roomy and spacious travel.

Passenger Capacity: 6-7 Passengers
Luggage Capacity:  4-5 Large Suitcases
In Car Amenities: Bottled Water, Newspapers/Magazines

Typical Use of SUV:

  • Financial Roadshows
  • Airport Transportation
  • Private Jet Transportation
  • Event Transportation
  • Corporate Transportation

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New York platinum sedan service

Platinum Sedan

Platinum Sedan service also known as Saloon service in UK is a premium ground transportation service for C-Level executives and VIP travelers. Lincoln Sedan or Mercedes E class sedan are the finest sedans known in the chauffer industry. Although Lincoln sedan is the most luxurious and spacious sedan in the US.

Passenger Capacity: 1-2 Passengers
Luggage Capacity: 2-3 Suitcases

New York Limousine provides Bottled Water and Newspaper in all sedan services.

Typical Uses & Passengers:

  • Financial Roadshows
  • Airport Transportation
  • City Transfers
  • Event Transportation
  • Corporate Transportation

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New York Limousine Airport Transportation

New York Limousine Airport Transportation

We take pride in providing world class service to and from all major New York airports including LaGuardia, John F. Kennedy and Newark International airport. New York Limousine exceeds customer’s expectations. Our customers love the convenience of our Meet and Greet service at all New York City airports. 

New York Limousine Airport transportation is diverse and convenient when the need arises to travel from any major New York airport such as LaGuardia, John F. Kennedy and Newark Airport to your hotel. All these airports are used frequently by tourists and travelers in the city. LaGuardia Airport is the most convenient, affordable, and offers high quality, professional service. proudly announces the following exclusive limousine services.

  • LaGuardia Airport Limo Service – 800.875.1935
  • John F. Kennedy Airport Limo Service – 800.875.1935
  • Newark International Airport Limo Service – 800.875.1935

There are several types of airport transportation available to all kinds of travelers. If the traveler is looking for a reliable way to travel then New York Limousine is something to consider. They own quality sedans and limos that run on schedule and equipped with gps systems, dvd players, radio, and other amenities that make the whole trip more comfortable.

On the other hand, one is seeking luxury and comfort, it is best to book a New York Stretch Limousine from the airport. New York Limousine Service provides great prices for limousine services throughout New York. Limousines are highly convenient and comfortable during the ride. The rates are quite reasonable and travelers can be assured of great comfort during the road trip, thus making the beginning or end of your travel something to remember.

For travelers looking for a luxury ride without the associated high price tag, there is a great economy ride service that one can avail. The New York Limo provides this service on demand and is a great way to travel. This service is a very economical way to get around to and from all the three major airports in New York. The NYC Limo is also one of the most economical ways to get to the city from any airport.

If one is alternatively looking for convenience, try out the 24 hour ,7 days a week operations like those of New York Tours. They offer other conveniences such as making a reservation over the phone. The service is reliable and of high quality. New York Tours operates a successful fleet with vehicles equipped with state of the art technologies to give you immense comfort during the journey. Being a huge company, they replace their vehicles very regularly and inspect them for any problems at periodic intervals.

Newark Airport Limousine is another option that can be used by tourists and travelers to reach their hotel or home from Newark airport. They offer sedan, suv and limousine transportation for individuals and group travellers. They can pick the traveler up from the hotel or office and drop them at any of the airports. The service is affordable and cheaper than other forms of transportation, so it is ideally suited for budget travelers.

In order to ensure a hassle-free transport to the city, it is best to make use of one of the many options available to travelers in New York to reach the airport. Advance reservations are always a good idea to avoid any unforeseen circumstances. Before traveling, make sure you know the different services in order to take advantage of the best New York Limousine airport transportation.

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